Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education Series


The Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education (BIHE): What does it take to create a truly great university? Using the University of California as a case 

study, the Berkeley Institutes answer this question by exploring the roles of governance, management, strategic planning, and other key factors that enable universities to reach the first rank. Designed for 

BIHE event photoindustry-university research, executives from universities, colleges, and governments around the world, the Institutes combine lectures, discussion,and field trips with practical insights on such topics as faculty development, dynamic managing government relations, and innovative teaching and curricula.

The Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education (BIHE) offer two kinds of management and policy programs:

Specialized institutes, held throughout the year from three days to two weeks or longer:

  • Same program of study as the summer institutes, but individually arranged for groups of university administrators and faculty and designed to meet the special interests of the participants;
  • Groups of 15 – 32 may all come from a single university or from a number of institutions, organized by a provincial or national ministry of education, for example; recent groups have come from China and Japan

  • Classes typically conducted with a translator.

 SeminarSummer institutes, held annually in July:

  • A week of intense study and meetings with experienced University officials and administrators, conducted in English
  •  A focus on the challenge of successfully managing, governing, and budgeting in major research universities in the United States, with the University of California as a case study
  • Over 100 participants from more than 20 countries have come to Berkeley for this unique window into what it takes to build a great university.



Quotes from PREVIOUS Participants

The Center for Studies in Higher Education is to be congratulated on the program itself, on the wonderful welcome and attention we were accorded and on the sheer amount of time that the director and other professors spent with us. The program was very intense, the atmosphere warm and friendly, and the experience highly worthwhile."

"The bonus is the many reflections I had over my own environment."

"I would recommend the program to fellow colleagues... who are potential leaders... They may benefit from widening their perspectives on various HE issues, especially in forming strategies for development.


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