This exploration into student interactions that improve understanding, student attachment, and demographic characteristics of students attending the University of California in the spring of 2006 finds the University to be a diverse and healthy environment. Interactions among students with demographic differences are frequent and are rarely associated with decreased sense of belonging. The research offers quantitative measures for legal concepts like critical mass and compelling state interest. Overall, rich or poor, religious or not religious, immigrant or Mayflower, Republican or Democrat, underrepresented minority or overrepresented majority, UC students feel that they belong at the University of California. In spite of strong scores across the board and only a few relative deficiencies, the University is encouraged to expand discussions about diversity, to launch a more thorough examination of campus climate generally, and to especially consider the experiences of low income and African American students.

Publication date: 
March 1, 2008
Publication type: 
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS)
Does Diversity Matter in the Education Process? An Exploration of Student Interactions by Wealth, Religion, Politics, Race, Ethnicity and Immigrant Status at the University of California by Steven Chatman. CSHE.5.2008 (March 2008).