CSHE Research

Higher Education in the Digital Age

Policy implications of emerging information and communication technologies for higher education teaching, research, and administration.  Read more

The Future of Scholarly Communication

Science and Technology Policy and Higher Education

Institutional and governmental policies for higher education, innovation, the development of the science and technology workforce, and technology transfer and regional development.

Access of Ethnic Minorities to Higher Education
Approaches to Engineering Education
The Convergence of Science And Economic Policies in the US and EU

The Research University

Various aspects of public research universities, including the student experience, the nature of general education, and a comparative international study.

Evolving Public Role of Universities in Chile and California
SERU icon  Student Experience in the Research University (SERU)
Research Universities Going Global
Humanities and Liberal Arts in Public Research Universities
University Governance
Pension Reform in Higher Education

Policy Issues in California Higher Education

Policy matters unique to California, its three-tiered public higher education system, and the California Master Plan for Higher Education.

Community College Transfers and Science Bachelor's Degrees

University of California History

The history of the ten-campus University of California system and how it relates to California's society and economy. 

University of California ClioMetric History Project
A History of Early Educational Connections among the University of California, Sierra Club, and the National Park Service
Organizing Knowledge: Perspectives on the University
Chronicle of the University of California (Suspended)