Higher Education in the Digital Age

The "Higher Education in the Digital Age" program area is devoted to the policy implications of emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs) for higher education.

In our "Higher Education in the Digital Age" research, we take a comparative perspective on the policy and institutional questions associated with integrating ICTs into the academic milieu, including college and university teaching, research, and administration. Our ongoing work suggests that two broad and interrelated areas of inquiry are in need of immediate multidisciplinary and comparative analysis: 1) Costs and Benefits: Economic, Academic, and Social, and 2) Patterns of Institutional Change and Strategic Choices.

As part of this research area, CSHE has particular interest in tracking and analyzing the myriad developments in on-line distributed education that are taking place at UC Berkeley, and throughout the University of California (UC) ten-campus system.

The Higher Education in the Digital Age (HEDA) program area is under the direction of Dr. Diane Harley.

Final Report

Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication: An Exploration of Faculty Values and Needs in Seven Disciplines

Diane Harley, Ph.D., Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator; Sophia Krzys Acord, Ph.D.; Sarah Earl-Novell, Ph.D.; Shannon Lawrence, M.A.; C. Judson King, Professor, Provost Emeritus, and Principal Investigator

Current Research Projects

The Future of Scholarly Communication

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