CSHE@60 Campaign


CSHE is Celebrating its 60th Year

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Established in 1957 with funding from the Carnegie Corporation as the world's first research and policy institute devoted to the comprehensive study of higher education, CSHE is a multi-disciplinary research center that has had a major impact on scholarship and policy. The Berkeley campus, like other major public universities, faces significant budget challenges. Please help in supporting the BerkeleyCSHE@60 Campaign which will include a major international conference on November 16-17, 2017 on the Berkeley campus. For a history of CSHE and its influence throughout the world, see the The Story of CSHE@0-60 (coming soon). 

The BerkeleyCSHE@60 Campaign includes two options for supporting the work of the Center.

The CSHE Clark Kerr Fund
Clark Kerr helped to establish CSHE in 1957 when he was the Berkeley Chancellor. This fund provide general support for the Center’s activities, including:
  • New multidisciplinary and international comparative research initiatives on strategic issues facing higher education.
  • Preparing and inspiring the next generation of national and international leaders in higher education through our Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education and Executive Leadership Academy.
The CSHE Visiting Scholar Fund
The Visiting Scholars program continues to attract innovative and talented faculty and researchers from around the globe. This fund provides support for these scholars, promotes the Center’s research productivity, and helps to support the CSHE Alumni Network. See the CSHE Visiting Scholars Program to see recent and past visiting researchers and colleagues.

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