David Pierpont Gardner

I'm David P. Gardner, President Emeritus of the University of California (1983-1992) and the University of Utah (1973-1983), and Professor of Higher Education Emeritus at both institutions.  Previously, I served as Vice Chancellor-Executive Assistant at UC Santa Barbara, and as UC's Vice-President for Extended Education and Public Service Programs; and subsequently as President of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, as Chairman of the Board of the J. Paul Getty Trust, and as a member of both corporate and university governing boards in the US and abroad.

I have always been interested in the governing and management principles of large-scale, complex institutions, especially universities, and the issues of leadership that pertain.  Thus, I am using the idea of leadership in such settings as the organizing framework of my website referenced to my publications, speeches, related documents and experiences.  I present them with a statement of My Guiding Principles and according to the following themes.

I.  Understanding the University's Place and Role in American Culture and Society: How the University Works--Seeing It Whole

II. Working with University Constituencies, Within and Without

III. Exercising Leadership in the Interest of the Institution

IV. Influencing K-12 and Higher Education on the National and International Scenes


A special element of the website is an annotated Professional Timeline, showing career highlights and links to chapters of my book, Earning My Degree: Memoirs of an American University President.  Those interested in my detailed accounts can gain access via the chapter titles.


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